Rainwater Harvesting
80% of rainwater flows into our sewer systems, stressing our municipal systems and causing soil erosion downstream. Why not capture rainwater and reuse it throughout your yard. Our rainwater exchange systems capture rainwater, filter the water through water features and can be reused to water your plants, wash your cars or any other outdoor application. Rain collection units are placed at the base of downspouts to collect water and channel it to underground storage areas. These underground storage areas can be built to hold from 500 gallons to 3000 gallons. Grading and yard drains can move additional surface water to the storage area. Add a decorative fountain or water fall to aerate the water. Turn the problem area in your yard into an attractive addition to your landscape while reducing your water expense and helping the environment. Rain Diagram
Permeable pavers
The retention of storm water during a rainstorm can greatly reduce the impact on our sewer systems. Permeable pavers are leading the way in helping reduce the impact a heavy rain has on your villages storm water drainage system. Reduction or elimination of downstream flooding and erosion are essential and Permeable pavers can have a significant impact during a rain storm. Permeable pavers may help reduce retention pond needs and lower utility fees. This product is great for the environment without compromising the beauty of pavers. Permeable Pavers

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